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MuLachi was founded on a modern concept in silhouette to provide custom clothing made from the highest attributed fabric at a price point that delivers the best value in the marketplace.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors who have inspired us during this period as we continue to grow. 

Our Mission 

We can make the custom process timeless, tangible, and completely transparent, more than just a brand. MuLachi label is a contemporary take on Indian dressing. MuLachi’s ensembles bring Indian exquisite to western wear while reviving silhouettes and perpetually shoving the edges of feasible luxury.

We have been selling style through online shops with customers from around India & abroad. At present in our shop, we offer clothes for all seasons and personal fashion statement that helps us evolve ideas. 

Our Goal 

At MuLachi, we are dedicated to help you create that feeling with every garment by giving you access to top professionals with unparalleled knowledge of clothing, style, and design. We guide you through every decision and assist in making you inform choice to ensure you achieve your ideal feat and personalised look.

From selecting the perfect piece for a specific occasion to ensuring a great fit for all sizes, we will help you to improve confidence as well.